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1.General Issues

TIP publishes books from Zimbabwe and the globe at Large provided they focus on the themes and Concepts which are accepted by the Publishing House.

Our Authors should;

  1. Be first time authors or established authors with a maximum of two published books.
  2. The author is supposed to submit the book proposal according to the publisher format. For the template, contact the publisher on
  3. TIP will commission manuscripts, especially for textbooks for schools and tertiary institutions. In this case, TIP will provide support to commissioned authors.
  4. TIP publishes books for Schools, Tertiary Institutes and for the General Public.
  5. TIP books are available both online and specified retailers. Retail shops will be listed on our web page.
  6. TIP books are marketed and promoted via different online services as well as the Libraries, exhibitions, book distributors.
  7. We are much focused on POD Services though we stock few copies of each published book.
  8. Authors are the ones who organise for the book launch through the consultation of the Publisher.

2.Publishing Proposal

  1. Authors should verify their proposals before submission.
  2. The book proposal will be reviewed by the TIP Editorial Board. If a full manuscript is already available, it is important to attach it to the book proposal to speed up the review process.
  3. TIP editor will be assigned to unedited work though at a charged fee. To avoid editing fee, make sure your book is well edited and submit an editor’s report.
  4. The manuscript will undergo peer-review in the case of non-fictional manuscripts such as textbooks and academic work. The author will be obliged to revise the work based on comments and give evidence of how the comments have been addressed. This rigorous review process is intended to ensure that TIP books maintain international academic standards.

3.Manuscript submission

TIP will charge for typesetting of technical, scientific texts if the author did not submit a typeset manuscript. We also chare for typesetting, cover designs if the authors cannot provide them. Formats differ with book genre or category. Below are four major categories;
  1. Literature (Novels and Poetry)
  2. Life coaching books (Motivational, Christian books, personal or family focus books)
  3. Education books (Handbooks, textbooks, Lecture series, Community Focus Books)
  4. Periodicals (Magazines, Newsletters, Researches)
To receive templates, write to with the word Book template and specify the genre or book type.

4.Publishing Cost

  1. Publishing with TalNet will require an administration fee which ranges from 25 to 50 US Dollars depending on the book genre and author nationality.
  2. Authors only pay for the service fee in the field of formatting and typesetting, typing of handwritten work, cover design and editing. If the book is already edited, the editor is supposed to write a note providing the proof to the publisher.
  3. Authors should be committed to buy at least a minimum of 20 books for locals and 50 books for foreigners. Releasing of the book to the market shall start only when the authors purchase the paperback books.
  4. NOTE: The fee which is charged is for the administration. Also authors should buy their own books. No other fee is charged except if the author is in need of the services named above. For books which fall on the Service Publishing package, contact us on for more information.

5.Book Marketing

  1. TIP publishes based on a Print-on-Demand basis only. Few books will be printed for the local distributors and huge volumes can only be printed upon order,
  2. Authors shall receive a maximum of five copies upon publishing.
  3. On purchasing the book, the author and the contributors enjoys the discount upon ordering the book direct from TalNet.
  4. The books are printed in Zimbabwe, South Africa and India. The cost of shipping shall be determined by the printing house.

6.Payment of royalties to authors

  1. Authors shall receive royalties on both discounted and non-discounted books.
  2. The author receives royalties from the publisher for books printed in Zimbabwe, South Africa and India. For books printed through online distributors, the publisher receives the royalties from them and the author will receive half of the royalty paid.
  3. Royalties shall be reported on and paid in July for the January-June period and in January for the July-December period.
  4. Royalties shall be paid from a minimum of 50 dollars for the local authors and a minimum of 100 dollars for the foreign authors.
  5. The royalties are paid to the lead author if the book is written by more than two authors.

7.Second Impression of the Published books

  1. TIP Publish books which have been previously published only after a written permission has been produced as well as termination of contract submitted to TalNet.
  2. The process is the same for the first time book and the second time book.